Thursday, August 28, 2014

Notes From the Underground — 10

****NOTE**** Notes From the Underground is composed daily by Hannah's travel companions: Naked Man, Tink and Barbie. This is NOT an example of Hannah's graduate school work or professional writing. It is for making smiles only. (Though the companions are a direct result of her MFA program.) 

Dear Readers:

Things have been better here at Casa de la Nude. The man is taking the Random House rejection pretty harsh, and is having some kind of, like, nervous breakdown. He ate all 50 of the gum wrappers his manuscript was written on, which gave him a pretty gnarly stomach ache. So he wanted me to tell you guys that he's like under the weather or whatever. Actually, he said something about his art consuming him, therefor he'd consume his art...but I totes didn't catch it all. Writers are super weird. 

Anyway, Tink and I went to Lake Baikal today. It was pretty cold, but there were these old dudes swimming in Speedos. They were all hairy and crazy looking but it was also awesome. 

Stay cool, 


Me on a Lake cruise.